"Bowhunter By Fall" Aims to Help Archers Get Ready to Hit the Field this Fall

“Bowhunter By Fall” Aims to Help Archers Get Ready to Hit the Field this Fall

AUSTIN –Texas Parks and Wildlife Department’s (TPWD) Community Archery Program wants to help Texans learn how to harvest their own meals, join a tradition in the outdoors, and improve on or learn a new skill through “Bowhunter by Fall” .Through monthly and bi-monthly e-newsletters filled with videos and tips, archers can learn how to travel from behind the keyboard to behind the bow just in time for the fall hunting season.

“Bowhunter by Fall” e-newsletters will provide information on how to take and pass Hunter Education, help aspiring bowhunters understand the gear they’ll need before hitting the field, provide archery training tips, how to find a mentor, how to find public hunting lands, understanding license requirements and what to look for in a good hunting spot.

“Bowhunting may seem like a tough sport to get started with but really, it’s easiest with a mentor or someone to help guide you in the beginning stages,” said Rob Owen, TPWD’s Outreach and Recruitment Manager. “’Bowhunter By Fall’ is meant to help you, or a friend, be field ready via a timeline of steps, resources and tips. Hopefully it helps you shoot some arrows this fall and for many hunting seasons to come.”

Anyone interested in receiving “Bowhunter by Fall” e-newsletters can sign upon the Community Archery Program page of the TPWD website. Those signed up can expect to receive seven e-newsletter editions over a period of five months.

The TPWD Community Archery Program works on a “train the trainer” model, training teachers and leaders through a USA Archery curriculum in range set-up, safety, program design and coaching. The curriculum is built for community groups like military bases, veteran’s groups, scouts, camps, parks and recreation departments and more. It also provides resources and certification to host a mobile archery range with an audience.

Community Archery Specialists also provide Explore Bowhunting and Explore Bowfishing programming that introduces the skills of bowhunting and bowfishing to new audiences through activities and discussion.

Learn more about how to contact a Community Archery Specialist in your region and express your interest in sharing archery with your audience via the Community Archery Program website.