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Contemplating Questions & Answers

We have finally reached the month of October so many have anticipated. Cooler weather filters in, hunting seasons are opening while fall fishing on the coast or inland lakes is heating up. This is an annual welcomed respite from a variety of struggles faced.
In 2020 it is a time we willingly “social distance” surrounded by our refuge in the outdoors. Individually we embrace these forays or may introduce the next generation to this treasured heritage.
Naturally, reflections as well as forethought will fill our minds. We recall our country’s individual and collective struggles while contemplating the future for our children, grandchildren and ourselves.
We fear for the preservation of founding principles under constant attack. There is an ever-present question as to whether these rights will withstand the barrage of radical ideas intent on shredding prospects for the future.
Decision time occurs over the next few weeks and concludes on November 3. We acknowledge past and present imperfections that have withstood these tests as we have grown. Not via the way of anarchists that hold our most liberal cities hostage but by acknowledging a variety of deeper issues as the root of the problem.
Issues are complex and not singular in nature. There are those that only want to address the “crisis” without looking at the cause developed over time.
Usually when law enforcement arrives it is in response to a problem that has escalated to need their presence. Today, the response to actions taken is immediately tried in a bias media instead of a court of law with all evidence presented. Peaceful protests are protected but lawless mayhem is not. When thrown together as an unruly mob, peaceful participants loose their identity.
There are bad apples in ever segment of our society but those few should not taint or define all. If that is the verdict it only serves to further divide us from the many areas we have in common.
We will deal with these issues and make a decision as who will lead us into the future. From President to Congressional representatives, plus State and local officials all play a role. Their first responsibility is to keep us safe, ensure our rights and deal with crisis as they arise. These basic tenets are a part of the oath of office each swears to uphold.
“We The People” can look at past performances. We know who truly served “The People?” Who has shown the resolve to get past partisan politics, plus who has and will lead us to better days?
There has never been a more distinct difference in the tone of the two recently completed political party’s conventions. The message of hope stimulates the resiliency of the American people to remain encouraged so they continue to overcome and achieve. The resiliency of Americans is a historical fact.
As outdoors men and women we are steadfast in our resolve against the infringement on any of our rights. The founding fathers placed the responsibility in the decisions of the majority with an assurance to defend those decisions. No compromise is acceptable. Any compromise, no matter how slight, is a forever-lost reduction in that right.
Throughout this month be mindful of the individual responsibility to vote. There is no excuse to not exercise that right, so become fact informed and let your voice be heard.
Collectively hunters, anglers, and conservationists make up a huge voting bloc. United in our resolve we can provide direction for the future. We need to help continue to lead our country to further greatness as we remain One Nation Under God.

Until next month: Pursue all of your outdoor activities in a safe and ethical manner.

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