About the June 2024 Cover

About the June 2024 Cover

Coastal anglers that catch the water right can have some great sight-casting opportunities for speckled trout.  It might be in the back lake areas or around the rocks in and around Baffin Bay.

This month’s cover art by popular Texas artist John Dearman is entitled “Ambushed.”  The scene is of a serious angler that has been poled into position to cast toward the rock’s shadows, or if water clarity allows to a specific fish chasing bait.

In order to pull this presentation off it requires stealth on the part of the one poling the craft.  It takes an accurate cast and presentation by the angler.  Then it takes a trophy class speckled trout that is gorging on bait and reacting by whirling and engulfing a well-placed offering.  When those ingredients come together the tables are turned as to who “Ambushed” who — the yellow-mouthed speck or the angler.

For more information on “Ambushed” or John Dearman’s voluminous portfolio of original fine art and print images contact Cletus Dodd at The Kipling Company by email at cpd2gbpllc.com or call (713) 542-4944. — Bill L. Olson

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