About the March 2021 Cover

About the March 2021 Cover

It is time for hunters to enjoy the adrenaline rush afforded by spring turkey hunting.  This is a time when a hunter never knows exactly how a love-struck gobbler or gobblers might respond to soft purrs or yelps offered.

This month’s cover art entitled “Nerves of Steel” by popular artist Larry Beckstein provides some reality and a chuckle for experienced turkey hunters, plus some insight for newcomers to the sport.  The hunter has obviously scouted a likely area, set out his hen decoy and offered some enticing calls.  However, some times an old gobbler will slip in quietly without ever offering a response until they are right upon you.  That is when the hunter has to not move a muscle until an opportunity presents itself.

Taking this creative scene a step further Beckstein not only has a gobbler screaming his response right beside the stone-like hunter but there is another gobbler slipping in behind him and off in the distance on the hillside another gobbler is strutting and drumming.  It is the reason spring turkey hunting is one of the most exciting hunting available.

This is Beckstein’s first cover for TOJ.  He is a frequent exhibitor at wildlife shows, and a contributor to conservation groups such as Ducks Unlimited, Waterfowl USA, National Wild Turkey Federation, The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Whitetails Unlimited plus other similar organizations.  Valued by outdoorsmen and collectors, his artwork is part of both public and private collections in North America.

“Nerves of Steel” by Larry Beckstein. Artwork is provided courtesy of the artist, Wild Wings, and Art Brand Studios.  For more information visit www.wildwings.com or call (800) 445-4833.  All rights reserved. — Bill L. Olson

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