About the May 2024 Cover

About the May 2024 Cover

“Coming In The Open,” the title of this month’s cover art by renowned International Artist, Hans Bulder reminds me of number of place across Texas.  Interestingly this painting was inspired from the forests around Bulder’s home in Apeldorn Netherlands.

Everything is available to sustain this wild boar or Keiler as its known in the Netherlands.  The thick dark brush behind the boar will provide shade plus material and a place for sows to build nets for a litter of pigs.

The log on the ground just has to have larva, grubs or other insects the hog can root and eat.  He may even use the dead log to sharpen his tusks.

In the surrounding area there is surly trees that will produce an acorn mast crop.  Nearby there is probably some water resource in which the big Keiler can cool himself.

The origin of hogs in North America and Texas came from Europe.  So did this painting, but it sure looks a lot like Texas.

For more information on “Coming In The Open” or other fine works of art by Hans Bulder visit www.hansbulder.com or email info@hansbulder.com. — Bill L. Olson

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