It’s a time of change for anglers, gamefish, weather as well as fishing tactics.

By Danno Wise

For most people, November means one thing – Thanksgiving. As the final month of autumn gets underway coastal anglers have plenty to be thankful for as fall fishing is always fantastic along the Texas coast.

However, November is also a time of change as weather and fishing patterns begin to skew as winter approaches. In fact, by the annual day of thanks, fish and fishermen, like the seasons, are usually well into the transition. As fronts become more frequent, fish will be moving to their winter homes and adjusting their behavior accordingly. Likewise, fishermen will be enjoying the final few days of fall fishing, keenly aware it could end with the next hard front.

The most difficult thing about fishing in November is understanding the pattern can, and often will) change from day to day. One day is like an extension of October and fish are exhibiting fall pattern behaviors. Then, 24 to 48 hours later, it seems as if the coast is in the grip of winter with fish having seemingly disappeared from their favorite fall flats. And, as the days get scratched off the calendar, anglers know the very next cold snap could adjust the pattern once and for all until spring returns to once again warm bay waters.

There is also greater chance of weather-related cancellation, as fronts accompanied by strong winds and heavy rain is always a possibility – and that chance only increases as November wears on. But by knowing how the ever-changing conditions will affect fish and how they should adjust their approach, anglers can still be successful on all but the worst weather days in November.

Deeper water

As water cools fish will begin seeking the insulated climes of deeper water – which is where they will spend the majority of their time once winter sets in. November is a little early in the year to find fish in deep water on a day-in and day-out basis, but fish will be found in deep water for a few days following each front and will likely be within a quick swim of deep water even on warmer days.