Pre-Front Power & Post-Front Finesse

Pre-Front Power & Post-Front Finesse

Late fall and early winter days offer more opportunities than many realize by simple matching the tackle, techniques and locations to prevailing conditions.

Story and photography by Danno Wise

December is the final month of the year. It is also one of the most overlooked periods of time for inshore angling along the Texas coast. This is partially due to the fact late fall and early winter weather is almost always unpredictable. The ups and downs of the weather don’t just change comfort level for fishermen, it also changes the fishing patterns.

Most anglers view this as an all or nothing time of year.  As low pressure and warmer temperatures preceding fronts often get fish in a frenzy, but high pressure and dropping temps and tides following a front can put fish in a funk.  However, anglers who are adept at a utilizing a variety of tackle and technique, as well as adjusting their location and time of day for fishing excursions can consistently post impressive catches of both speckled trout and redfish as the final days of 2023 tick away.

Typically fronts begin pushing through the Texas Coast during October and November. This year was no different. In fact, following a record hot summer, fall actually arrived a little earlier than scheduled. The frustration felt by most anglers during the first few fronts is it is somewhat unpredictable as to when they will hit.

By December fronts will have started falling into a fairly regular pattern. Anglers will usually see a front push through, then have three to five days of warming weather before the next front arrives. Some years the pattern because so routine that the fronts will blow through on the same or close to the same day each week.

This time of year, anglers that pay attention to weather patterns and are flexible with days they can fish can pick and choose days they want thus hitting prime feeding times before each front. However, many anglers are simply stuck fishing the days they are able to go.

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