Pro’s Pointers — Summer Saltwater Fishing Fun

Pro’s Pointers — Summer Saltwater Fishing Fun

There are more species within reach of the average angler than at any other time of year.

Story and photography by Danno Wise

July means summer is officially upon us in every possible way. The arrival of summer along the Texas Coast means two things to anglers — hot weather and hot fishing action. From July through September both the weather and fishing action will be widespread, which means anglers will have plenty of options giving them ample opportunity to avoid the other thing summer brings to the coast – crowds.

Starting this month every stretch of water along the Texas coastal curve will be filled with fish, which are more often than not, willing to eat. This means inshore, beachfront, nearshore and offshore action will all be going off. Additionally, there will be more species within reach of the average angler than there is at any other time of year. This makes the summer stretch a great time to target new species, different species or multiple species. It is also an excellent time to chase the same species one typically does but in a different setting, area or stretch of water – ie: speckled trout along the beachfront as opposed to in the bay.

However, as fishermen are trying to catch new species and/or adjust to different areas, that means they will also be adjusting to different tackle and techniques. While learning and experimenting are all part of the process – and part of the fun – there are simple tricks that can help anyone maximize their summer catches.

With all the exploration that happens during summer, those wanting to stick to the tried and true may still want to try a few different options when targeting their favorite species. For instance, when summer heat hits, most fishermen plying the bays for speckled trout will look to the traditional deep water hot spots like channels, mid-bay reefs, and visible structure such as bridges and production platforms.

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