Public Comment Now Open for New Fisheries District Office Building

Public Comment Now Open for New Fisheries District Office Building

AUSTIN – An exciting project is in the planning and design phase with public comments now being accepted for a new 8,000 square foot Inland Fisheries District Office building at Lake Corpus Christi State Park. The project is a collaborative effort between the State Park and Inland Fisheries Divisions of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. The planning and design phase is expected to be completed in the spring of 2021 followed by the start of construction by the end of 2021.

“We are excited about the opportunity to locate the new District Fisheries office at the State Park and for the opportunity to share resources with State Park staff,” said TPWD Inland Fisheries District Supervisor Greg Binion. “The project represents a great example of how TPWD strives to effectively manage our resources to better serve our constituents.”

The general purpose of the building will be to provide office and workspace for TPWD staff dedicated to the management of diverse freshwater fisheries resources throughout an area of south and southeast Texas. TPWD staff is committed to providing anglers with quality fishing opportunities while at the same time protecting and enhancing freshwater aquatic resources. Each district manages fisheries, conducts research, assesses ecosystems and habitats, provides angler education and fishing access, while conducting other aquatic management related activities.

The new building will also provide office space for staff which will improve the operation of the state park. The building’s planned footprint will avoid park space utilized or intended for park visitor recreation. Questions and comments for this phase of the project will be accepted until Nov. 1. The public can contact Justin Fleury and Greg Binion for more information and to submit their comments.

Justin Fleury, Park Planner
Austin Headquarters
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Greg Binion, District SupervisorCorpus Christi AreaP.O. Box 116Mathis, TX 78368                     

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