10th Anniversary of USTS Texas Clipper Sinking as an Artificial Reef

10th Anniversary of USTS Texas Clipper Sinking as an Artificial Reef

SOUTH PADRE ISLAND, Texas – The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department’s (TPWD) Artificial Reef Program sank the USTS Texas Clipper 10 years ago on Nov. 17, 2007. Prior to its sinking off South Padre Island, the 473-foot vessel was a World War II troop transport, New York City luxury liner and a sea cadet training ship.

To commemorate the 10th anniversary of the sinking of the USTS Texas Clipper, the Artificial Reef Program is holding a contest for participating divers to win bronze and silver coins for logging between two and four dives on the Clipper during the upcoming year. There will also be a lottery drawing among bronze and silver coin holders for a gold commemorative coin at the end of the contest.

“After 10 years as an artificial reef the USTS Texas Clipper has become a premiere diving location supporting the local fishery and economy in South Texas. To celebrate this milestone, we want to offer these special commemorative coins to the public,” said TPWD Artificial Reef Program Leader J. Dale Shively.

The contest will run from Nov. 17, 2017 to Nov. 18, 2018. Participants must complete two logged dives on the Clipper during this time period to earn a bronze coin. To earn a silver coin, divers need to complete an additional two dives for a total of four dives. For each coin earned, the participant’s name will be entered into a lottery drawing for a grand prize gold coin. A maximum of two submissions are allowed per participant. Supplies are limited so coins will be awarded in order of submissions received.

All dives must be logged on the TPWD submission form and sent to the Artificial Reef Program. All submissions must be received by email or postmarked by November 30, 2018. Participants may email submission forms to Allison Baldwin at Allison.baldwin@tpwd.texas.gov; or mail them to Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Dickinson Marine Lab, 1502 FM 517 East Dickinson, TX 77539. You may also call 281-534-0147 for more information.

For video of the sinking, visit the TPWD YouTube page.

Images of the sinking can be found on the news image page.

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