About The May 2023 Cover

About The May 2023 Cover

It is pretty amazing how there can be similar looking place in locations separated by thousands of miles.  This month’s cover art immediately reminded me of some rolling hills of hardwood areas in East Texas.  I envisioned this tusker had come up from a creek that probably ran on the backside of the hill and had moved up to the hilltop to catch the refreshing breeze to continue drying and further cooling his coat/body.

However, the inspiration for this month’s cover painting by renowned international artist Hans Bulder didn’t come from the Lone Star State but came from the forest near his home in Apeldorn Netherlands.  Once again Bulder has captured the mystery, prowess and intrigue of the wild boar but in a different setting.  In the forests and countryside of his Dutch homeland sus scrofa is highly regarded as a game animal and given much respect by European and visiting hunters from abroad.

Following the broad success and acceptance of his first two pieces of art that appeared on the May 2020 issue and May 2021 this is Bulder’s third cover for Texas Outdoors Journal.  The first two painting were impressive dark background portraits that cloaked the boar in a bit of secrecy.  However this months captures a boar roaming its home grounds that looks like many similar places found in Texas.

For more information on this painting or other fine works of art by Hans Bulder visit www.hansbulder.com or email info@hansbulder.com. — Bill L. Olson

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