Blind Sense

Blind Sense

Story and Photography by Bill L. Olson

Deer hunters come with a broad range of experience levels, realistic goals and have even formulated some level of a plan for success.  There are those that show up at deer camp to simply have a good time and some that are so dedicated they are willing to forgo the social aspect of this hunting season.

All of the extremes and everything in between is fine if accepted by the individual hunter.  Those that are just grateful to be there and don’t really care if they shoot a deer or are satisfied with a doe for the freezer are a hunting brother or sister.  So is the walking deer hunting library that can recite any technique plus provide their detailed perspective as to why they work or the fallacies behind them.  If it shakes their tree then that is fine.

What is offered in this clip is somewhat of a middle ground that has plenty of upside from which to grow as a hunter and occupy the slow time “on-stand” anticipating a yet unseen opportunity.  It might be simply an entertaining way to gain some knowledge all the way to a sudden hunting rush when a buck of a lifetime materializes from the brush and hunting instincts take over.

It is a way to stay busy learning the area being hunted instead of the eyes getting heavy and deer stand slumber consuming valuable time afield.  Most deer hunters don’t even want to know what they may have missed because they don’t want to realize the true meaning of “snooze, you lose.”

The increased focus in pursuit of taking a good buck from the property being hunted begins on the approach to the blind.  The first rule is slow down.  Most of us have become citified or let our lives push us at a pace that is unnatural in the wild world.

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