Dawning of Early Summer Saltwater Explosion

Dawning of Early Summer Saltwater Explosion

Regardless of the type of fishing enjoyed, June undoubtedly will be able to fulfill your wishes.

Story and photography by Danno Wise

Summer is finally here and saltwater action along the Texas coast is exploding. More species and more stretches of productive water are available beginning in June. As a result, more tactics and techniques will be productive. Now through September, anglers will be able to expect good action inshore, offshore and nearshore along the Texas coast.

However, June is a somewhat magical time when all of those areas are beginning to pop.  The fishing is hot and so is the weather – although not so oppressively hot as to hinder fish or fishermen as it may do so later in summer.

Anglers have a couple ways to go about planning their day in June. They can pick the venue they want to fish – bay, beach, nearshore, offshore, jetties, etc. – then decide which species to target. Or, they can do the opposite and choose the species they want to target, then decide where and how to best pursue them.

Starting with inshore opportunities, there will be a wide variety of species available in the bays and along beachfront waters over the next few months. In the bays, anglers can pursue speckled trout, redfish, flounder and black drum. Further down south, snook will start moving out of their deep water winter homes and back into the bays. On the Upper Coast, tripletail fishing will be getting started as well.

When it comes to speckled trout in early summer, they will be starting to transition to the deep water areas where they will spend most of their time in mid-to-late summer. However, they won’t be there yet – at least not on a consistent basis. Instead, during June, bay fishermen can still find plenty of specks on the shallow and mid-depth flats, as well as on the outside edges of the grassy areas, mid-depth reefs and channel edges. There will still be good topwater fishing early and late. Throughout the balance of the day, artificial lure fishermen will be able to catch them on a variety of soft-plastics or a D.O.A. Shrimp/popping cork rig.

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