Evaluation, Decisions, & Implementation

Evaluation, Decisions, & Implementation

A multi-part discussion of whitetail deer and game management on a hypothetical 2,000 acre South Texas ranch. Conclusion

Story and photography by Bob Zaiglin

Once the benefits of a sound deer management program become evident in the sixth and seventh years, the self satisfaction of playing a role in its development is gratifying. Sustaining quality deer, however, is a continual process.

As one enters the seventh and eighth years of management, high-scoring deer should begin to show up in the harvest, but it’s critical to realize that trophy caliber bucks are rare; actually, they are aberrants of nature. This becomes even more evident when one considers the fact that the average mature South Texas buck supports an eight-point rack with a 16 to 17” inside spread gross scoring around 130 inches. So—how big is big!!

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