Lone Star Exotics

Lone Star Exotics

Whether a hunter or a photographer, Texas has a diverse array of exotic hoof stock to satisfy one’s fondest desires.

 Story and photography by Bob Zaiglin

An African safari is a lifelong dream for many sportsmen.  Africa is an ageless continent richly diverse in culture and wildlife.  For most hunters, the opportunity to go on a safari is the ultimate event in their life when it comes to the pursuit of unique game species in some of the most beautiful places on the planet.

Africa affords sportsmen a nonstop opportunity to see, if not hunt, a plethora of species from the Big 5 to getting to see some of the most beautiful birds in the world in their natural environment.

An African safari, however, is an expensive venture, but if it is on your bucket list, yet outside your budget, Texas is an ideal place to acquire a taste of the Dark Continent.

Texas is 1.7 times larger than Zimbabwe, and with 268,581 square miles of land within its borders, a substantial number of Africa’s iconic species inhabit private landholdings.  As a result, Texans have the opportunity to see a variety of Africa’s premiere animals, some of which are more abundant right here at home than they are on their native soil.  More importantly, viewing them can be done without the long, sometimes arduous flights across the Atlantic.

Whether you are a hunter or a photographic enthusiast, Texas has a diverse array of exotic hoof stock to satisfy one’s fondest desires.  From impala to bongo, the Lone Star State has it all.  And the neatest thing about exotics in Texas is the fact that they can be hunted year-round, providing sportsmen opportunities to enjoy exceptional outdoor adventures outside the regular hunting season, and July is a great time to re-enter Texas wildlands to create unforgettable hunting memories.

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