A Mount Worthy Of The Trophy

A Mount Worthy Of The Trophy

Renowned taxidermist provides guidance for trophy enhancement on the wall plus an insight into the mounting process.

Story and photography by Bill L. Olson

A beautiful animal has been harvested and it is time to have the trophy mounted.  Many will opt for a shoulder mount that has long been the standard.  This is a front-on poise that shows a fairly straight-forward symmetrical look.

However, does this straight-on look really show the strength of the animal’s physical and antler characteristics?  Where will this trophy be displayed in a game room or positioned on a wall.  Is there room for another wall mount or does a different option need to be considered?  Lots of questions should be thought-out and considered before making that final decision.

Years ago, I was fortunate to draw a once-in-a-lifetime tag to hunt Wyoming (Shiras) moose in Colorado.  Luck remained on my side when months later, on a snowy mid-November hunt west of Rocky Mountain National Park I spotted a huge bull in some willows along a lower elevation river.

The next morning, following his distinguishable tracks in the snow after he buggering at last light the day before, the stalk continued.  Switch-backing and climbing in pursuit for well over a mile up through dark timber to a willow bog flat the distance was closed.

At 85 yards an offhand, head-on shot hit the bull hard staggering and spinning him away from me.  Two steps to the right a lane was open allowing a second shot behind the shoulder that put him down for good.

As the bull was admired in the field numerous photos were taken, turning the head for different angles, to show the massive headgear.  Those photos would provide great reference pieces later when deciding how this book moose would be mounted.

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