The National Shooting Sports Foundation

The National Shooting Sports Foundation reports the following:
  • TEXAS SENATE APPROVES RIGHT TO HUNT AND FISH CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT . . . The Texas State Senate gave its approval last week to a measure that would forever protect hunting and fishing in the Lone Star State. SJR 22 now goes to the House for consideration, where House companion bill HJR 61 was reported out of a committee. SJR 22 and HJR 61 are strongly supported by NSSF, as these measures would protect the use of traditional methods and promote wildlife management and conservation. Constitutionally protecting the American heritage of hunting, fishing and trapping for future generations is critically important as radical anti-hunting organizations are pursuing an agenda intended to destroy this heritage and the decades-old, successful model of wildlife conservation in America.
  • TEXAS HOUSE COMMITTEE WILL CONSIDER TAX-FREE HOLIDAYS FOR SPORTSMEN . . . This week a Texas House committee will consider a number of bills that would create tax-free holidays for gun owners and sportsmen. Three states have implemented similar laws: Louisiana, Mississippi and South Carolina. NSSF strongly supports Second Amendment and sportsmen-related sales tax holidays as a way to encourage more law-abiding Americans to exercise their rights to keep and bear arms and to participate in hunting and the shooting sports.