A One Stop Coastal Option

A One Stop Coastal Option

Port O’Connor offers for some of the best fishing on Earth.

Story and photography by Robert Sloan

The one thing you won’t find in Port O’Connor is a traffic light. First of all there is no traffic because POC is among the smallest towns in Texas. But this place, located on the middle Texas coast between Matagorda and Rockport, has more fishing spots than you can shake a stick at.

Here are a few of the angling options – clear water sight casting to trout and reds, wading gin clear flats around the many islands, fishing the surf for trout, reds and tarpon, jetty fishing for reds, trout, tarpon, mangrove snapper and sheepshead.  Plus it has some of the best fly fishing on the entire Gulf coast.

I’ve been fishing and hunting out of POC for over 50 years, been living there full time for about 10 years and still wake up everyday wondering what’s on the fishing menu.

I particularly like to fly fish and sight cast to clear water reds. I’ve owned a heck of a lot of boats but my favorite is a 17 foot polling skiff that is lightweight and can easily be fished in just inches of water. Some of the best fly fishing is along the many islands that span miles upon miles of clear water flats.

For those of you that are simply looking to catch enough trout and reds to make a meal, you can’t go wrong by fishing the jetties. What so many folks tap into along the jetties is soaking live or dead baits on or near bottom just about anywhere along the granite rocks. The depth along the POC jetties ranges from a few feet to well over 50 feet. Because of the depth range there are many species of fish to be caught on any given day.

Two of the most popular are reds and trout. But another fish that anglers love to tangle with is a sheepshead. This is a fish that can be caught just about anywhere along the jetties on live and dead shrimp fished on or near bottom.

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