About April 2014 Cover

About April 2014 Cover


The question for freshwater anglers that will be answered this month of April is where will the bass be holding?  Due to an unusually cold, and sustained winter will conditions have warmed to the point late spring pattern are more on schedule, or will the spawn still be in full swing.

Typically the large trophies have held in deeper water until condition warm and then move up to the shallow flats to spawn.  Once the rite of procreation is complete these fish slip to deeper depths as the post-spawn pattern takes the lead toward summer.

Renowned wildlife artist David Wenzel’s “In Deep — Largemouth Bass and Sunny” beautifully covers all of the possible angling options this month.  There may well be fish that are still on beds, particularly in the northern portion of the Lone Star State, and there will certainly be those that have completed spawning activities and made a move to deeper points and structure right along the drop-off.

One thing for sure those post spawn fish will be hungry and feeding on a variety of prey including sunfish.  Anglers that figure out how bass have responded to recent weather will certainly find success.

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