About the December 2020 Cover

About the December 2020 Cover

 ‘Tis the season to be hunting plus passing on this time honored tradition to the next generation of hunters.  Many started their hunting careers tagging along with a family member or friend.  Then it became time for them to shoulder a shotgun, harvest and retrieve their first duck. 

This month’s cover art by renowned wildlife and sporting artist Ralph J. McDonald is entitled “Got ‘Em Dad.”  It depicts the thrill of success as the young duck hunter retrieves his duck.  What a special moment for the youngster as well as his Dad as a new hunter and conservationist comes of age.

Ralph, as he is known to his friends, was Duck’s Unlimited’s Artist of the Year in 1981.  In 2006 for a second time he was named DU’s International Artist Of The Year. In the summer of 2006 Ralph was inducted into the National Outdoor Legends Hall Of Fame. 

Each year for the past 14 years McDonald has produced a painting of a young boy or girl in a waterfowl setting for Ducks Unlimited.  Prints of these paintings have been auctioned at the organization’s dinners throughout the United States and Canada.  The sales of these prints have raised over $27 million for DU’s conservation projects.

For more information on “Got ‘Em Dad” and other fine works of art by Ralph J. McDonald, visit www.countrysidestudio.com, or call (615) 452-5851 or (615) 767-4480. — Bill L. Olson.

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