About the September 2020 Cover

About the September 2020 Cover

A question often asked is, “why is there a painting instead of a photo on the cover of Texas Outdoors Journal?”  The reason is to recognize the contributions of talented wildlife and sporting artist to various Federal, State and Conservation Stamp Print Series as well as countless donations to fundraisers. 

Renowned artist Sherrie Russell Meline is a perfect example of this personal accomplishment and generosity to such initiatives.  This month’s cover art of a mourning dove sitting on a weathered barbed wire fence post was the 2010 California Department of Fish and Game’s Upland Bird Stamp.  She was the second woman to win the coveted Federal Waterfowl Stamp competition of her Ross’ Goose in 2006-2007, the 1995 Arizona Duck Stamp winner and 2000 Texas Duck Stamp among other awards as a winner in other states in multiple years.  To acknowledge she has shared her talent around this country is an understatement.

An estimated 300 million mourning dove reside in the United States with about 15 percent of them living in Texas.  They are a great attraction for hunters that signals a much anticipated time of year in the Lone Star State.

For more information on the dove on a fence post, other works of art and commissions by Sherrie Russell Meline visit www.wingbeat.com.  All rights reserved. — Bill L. Olson

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