DSC Congratulates President-Elect Donald Trump

Dallas Safari Club extends congratulations to President-Elect Donald Trump on his recent historic victory. Trump will join a Republican majority of both houses of Congress in January to help unify a divided country and begin a new chapter in American history.

“DSC and its members are proud of making a difference in this election,” said DSC Executive Director Ben Carter. “Our collective voices shouted for change and those voices were echoed across the nation. The president-elect’s family connection to hunting and its legacy offer representation of our mission and love of hunting. We respectfully congratulate Mr. Trump and wish him the best in his new role.”
As part of their support for the president-elect, DSC raised $60,000 for the Republican National Committee at a breakfast fundraiser in July. Donald Trump Jr. served as guest speaker and assured the more than 150 attending DSC members that his father’s administration would advocate for hunting and sustainable use.
Throughout the next four years, DSC hopes the president-elect will address the following:
  • Appoint a pro-hunting and fishing director of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service who understands the role that hunters and anglers play in conservation and return to the successful North American Model of Conservation.
  • Adopt American Wildlife Conservation Partners’ “Wildlife for the 21st Century, Volume 5″ recommendations for managing wildlife and habitat. The guideline is the result of a collaboration of hunter conservationists, professional wildlife and natural resource managers, outdoor recreation users, conservation educators and wildlife scientists.
  • Develop less burdensome guidelines for importation/exportation of hunting trophies.
  • Restrict superfluous lawsuits against the USFWS from anti-hunting groups that only serve to harass, consume money and human resources, and ultimately derail management authority.
  • Reassert states’ authority to manage its wildlife.
  • Stop ballot initiatives from dictated wildlife management practices and policymaking and return the management authority to informed wildlife and resource managers.
  • Ensure continued access to public lands.
  • Appoint hunter- and firearm-friendly justice(s) to the U.S. Supreme Court.
  • Encourage more states to pass “The Right to Hunt and Fish” constitutional amendments/legislation.
Donald Trump holds the future of hunting in his hands. The actions taken in the next four years will set the tone for the next few decades and DSC wants this future to include hunting.