Indian Lodge Open for Reservations After Extensive Renovations

Indian Lodge Open for Reservations After Extensive Renovations

FT. DAVIS— Indian Lodge at Davis Mountains State Park is reopening its doors after months of extensive renovations to more than 35 guest rooms.

Exterior renovations included the re-plastering of the historic and standard lodge rooms, new HVAC systems in all rooms, new roofing on all lodge buildings and painting of the lodge’s exterior walls.

“These updates are beneficial to the preservation of Indian Lodge so that it can be enjoyed and experienced by families for years to come,” said Indian Lodge site superintendent Karen Sulewski.

Built in the 1930s, Indian Lodge is a unique inn nestled within the Davis Mountains built to resemble a multilevel pueblo village. With its white adobe walls, Indian Lodge allows visitors to enjoy the rugged beauty of the mountains by day and relax in a comfortable room by night. The lodge also houses a refreshing pool — a welcome oasis in West Texas.

To make reservations at Indian Lodge, visit the State Park Reservations page on the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department website, or reserve a room over the phone by calling (512) 389-8900.

To view photos of Indian Lodge after the renovations, visit the TPWD Flickr page.