Quail Hunting Tips Plus Safety Reminders

Quail Hunting Tips Plus Safety Reminders

Story by Bill L. Olson

Countless times I have acknowledge the fact my dad, Sam L. Olson Jr. introduced me to what he and the vast majority of so many of us enjoy outdoors.  This certainly included a variety of hunting opportunities, particularly his passion for quail hunting.

At a young age my introduction to shooting included basic firearm safety — treating every gun as though it were loaded, keeping the muzzle always pointed in a safe direction, awareness of the target plus what is in front or beyond it, and much more.  Over the course of my maturation as a shooter and hunter he was the silent mentor plus safety monitor, always making sure safety was observed to protect me and those around me.

Dad’s approach to teaching was much like how he learned in his life.  Certain parameters were specifically taught but beyond that that he learned through observation.  He felt knowledge retention would be greater and personal improvement much greater as things were figured out.

After several years of different types of hunting I was introduced to hunting bobwhite quail in South Texas with Dad’s friends Jack Roach Jr. and Dr. O.C. “Tommy” Thomas plus their sons, Bubba and Thad Roach and David Thomas.  I had proven myself as safe with a shotgun and worthy of participating in such a fast, reactive hunt by a gamebird that can startle an inexperienced hunter as a covey of birds explode skyward from their hiding spot in the grass.  In-field experience will help keep a quail hunter steady during the whirl of excitement of wings rapidly beating to make a hasty escape.

Plus, this new hunting wrinkle to being safe was going to be done while in close proximity to other hunters and rangy pointers.  Safe zones of fire was generally explained and expected to be adhered too.  Observing the way Dad and his friends worked a dog on point, honoring bracemate, covey rise and shots taken forever impressed how it is done right.

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