About the July 2024 Cover

About the July 2024 Cover

Everyone knows it’s hot in July.  Even on the coast the heat and humidity can be oppressive.  However, those climatic conditions don’t mean summer months don’t have endearing merits.

With the heat comes days when there is hardly a breath of air on shallow flats at sunrise.  As the sun climbs in the sky a whisp of wind puts a slight ripple on the water.  Fish are feeding early before making a retreat to deeper depths later in the afternoon.

During mid-morning hours, a light wind and the sun at the perfect angle are what sight-casting anglers live for.  They are armed with bait casters, spinning and certainly flyfishing tackle.

Such is the scene presented by renowned Texas artist Calvin Carter as this month’s cover art entitle “Magic Flats.”  All the ingredients are blended into his depiction of this treasured moment.

Most times the target will be small pods of redfish.  With the ripple on the surface the light breeze is enough to allow a stealthy approach.  Notice the sting ray reds will follow looking for any morsel stirred up with each of the ray’s wind-beat.

Those in the water and down low shuffle ever closer before placing an offering just beyond and in front of a cruising spot-tail.  If properly places the red will turn, inhaled the fake and the battle is on.

For more information on “Magic Flats” and other fine works of art or commissions by Calvin Carter, visit www.calvincarterart.com, email mcalvincarter@yahoo.com or call (409) 201-6685. — Bill L. Olson

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