About The May 2020 Cover

About The May 2020 Cover

Renowned artist Hans Bulder of Apeldorn Netherlands is the second international artist to have his art grace the front cover of TEXAS OUTDOORS JOURNAL.  Bulder’s “Keiler — Portrait” is a beautiful painting of a boar that runs wild in the forests near his home.  Keiler is the German word for a big wild boar.

Bulder explains he hunted these native game animals for 40 years.  Throughout Europe there is much respect for, and reverence paid to the hunting of these tenacious animals.  Today the artist says his time is spent photographing these and other animals for reference photos for his paintings.

The wild boar that inhabit numerous European countries are the ancestors of the wild hogs introduced to North America centuries ago.  In Texas and elsewhere in the United States there are wild hogs that strongly exhibit their European heritage.

Bulder captures the strength, size and focused eyes of the wild boar in his “Keiler Portrait.”  The dark background surrounding the animal suggests the unknown and unpredictable nature of these animals that make them such a desired and formable quarry.

For more information on “Keiler Portrait” or other fine works of art by Hans Bulder visit www.hansbulder.com or email info@hansbulder.com. — Bill L. Olson

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