About the November 2020 Cover

About the November 2020 Cover

For many hunters November means deer season but for many other hunters it means time to slip into brown colored cane camo, ease into box or coffin blind and entice flights of ducks to drop in close.  Ducks season opens across the Lone Star State and the excitement for many is to see birds respond to call and decoy sets and then extend their “landing gear” with wings cupped as they glide ever closer toward hidden hunters.

Popular Texas wildlife, sporting and western artist Calvin Carter has captured one of those moments when all of the planning, preparation and anticipation comes together for a couple of coastal duck hunters as birds work overhead.  His painting entitled “Don’t Miss” captures what every duck looks forward to as migrating ducks invade Texas, from the Panhandle playas, north Texas peanut fields, scattered small ranch stock tanks or coastal blinds set up on spoil islands surrounded by mangroves. 

Check out the Texas Parks & Wildlife website or Outdoor Annual app for duck season dates where you plan to hunt.

For more information on “Don’t Miss,” other fine works of art or commissions by Calvin Carter, visit www.calvincarterart.com, email mcalvincarter@yahoo.com or call (409) 201-6685.  — Bill L. Olson.

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