Early Deer Season Refresher

Early Deer Season Refresher

Evaluating goals, areas of opportunities and proven hunting techniques lead to success.

Story and photography by Bob Zaiglin

Contrary to all the concern over the Coronavirus, we are ushering in another deer hunting season and time spent hunting may be the safest if not most enjoyable form of isolation.  This is particularly when that buck of a lifetime appears and the only concern a hunter will have is the distance between him and the deer.

No doubt about it, opening day will be pretty special this year.  I personally can’t think of a better and safer place to be than in the wilds of Texas far from the crowded cities.

Sportsmen by the thousands will infiltrate Texas wild lands to replenish their venison supplies while hoping to get a shot at an old monarch.  That is always high on every hunter’s priority list, but there are a few things that can help turn one’s dreams into reality.

As a result of Covid-19, particularly its staggering economic impact, this may be the year to locate that lease you always dreamed about.  If your objective is to restock venison supplies, all one needs to do is peruse the hunting ads in one of the major newspapers to locate an affordable weekend hunt. 

But if a wall hanger is the ultimate goal, one should be on the alert for leases that suddenly become available and potentially more affordable. Trophy deer and South Texas are synonymous, thus it’s important to investigate leases advertised at the various chambers of commerce throughout the brush country.  But don’t neglect visiting the local diners in those highly desirable areas, because they remain the most productive way of locating if not speaking with landowners who make the final decision as to who hunts on their property.  The acquisition of a super-hunting lease, however, doesn’t mean that harvesting a trophy buck will get any easier. 

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