About the September 2019 Cover

About the September 2019 Cover

Hunting dove in Texas provides boundless opportunities to create memories of a lifetime.  Having a commissioned painting forever captures a moment afield is almost priceless.

That is the short story behind this month’s cover art by popular Texas artist Chance Yarbrough.  It is a commission for Harold Christmann (grandpa) entitled “Mourning Dove Memories.”  Besides grandpa are his son Greg Christmann and son-in-law Eric Stupka.  The aspiring young hunter that the elder Christmann is mentoring in the field is his grandson Collin Christmas.

As many know, Yarbrough had a special working relationship with the late Herb Booth.  Booth played a big role in helping the young artist develop and refine his skills.  The success this popular artist is now enjoying and this commission is a bit of a “collaborative” effort between the two artists.

Originally Booth was to paint this commission but passed away before beginning the project.  However, Booth did take the photos that were available as references.  Yarbrough used those photos to complete the project.

“There is a lot of sentiment in this piece for Harold,” Yarbrough said.  “Besides Booth’s passing the yellow lab also passed away after the artist.”

For anyone that views this painting and learns of the story behind it will understand how traditions are passed from one generation to the next.  This is true whether it is from one artist to another, or from grandpa to grandson.  It is what makes our outdoor heritage so special.

For more information on “Mourning Dove Memories,” plus other fine works of art or commissions by Chance Yarbrough, visit www.chanceyarbroughart.com, email cyarbrough84@yahoo.com or call (254) 424-3171.  — Bill L. Olson.