Action Alert – Toxic Threat to Galveston Bay

What would you think if there was a toxic waste site leaking harmful dioxin into the bays and estuaries where you fish and crab? The bad news is that there is just such a site already contaminating Galveston Bay. Dioxin is one of the most toxic human carcinogens known to science and remains toxic in nature for centuries.

A site along the lower San Jacinto River that directly feeds Galveston Bay and its estuaries is leaking dioxin contamination into the Bay, prompting the Texas Department of State Health Services to issue a warning for adult males and non-childbearing women to consume no more than eight ounces of speckled trout a month. Pregnant women and children should not consume ANY trout from the estuary. It is absolutely shocking that warnings like this exist for Galveston Bay.

This growing environmental threat must be contained and removed for the future of Galveston Bay. CCA Texas members have invested their time, resources and conservation efforts to protect the Bay’s strong coastal resources and recreational fisheries. The Environmental Protection Agency and responsible industry parties have the ability to clean this disaster up but have yet to take action. The EPA will soon rule on the timing and level of clean-up, and recreational anglers and conservationists need to make their voice heard so this threat is removed completely from Galveston Bay. Forever.

CCA Texas asks you to take action today to demand a full and proper clean-up. Please click the link below to send your comments and concerns directly to the EPA today.

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