Decision Does Not Make Gift Purchases Illegal

The U.S. Supreme Court ruling in a case involving the arrest of a Virginia man who purchased a firearm for a relative from Pennsylvania that was upheld as an illegal “straw purchase” under federal law does not make it illegal for a consumer to purchase firearms as gift. However, because the ruling has caused confusion, NSSF has asked ATF to provide clarification. As soon as ATF responds, NSSF will provide the information to all FFLs. As expressly noted in the instructions on Form 4473 for Section 11.a. Actual Transferee/Buyer: For purposes of this form, you are the actual transferee/buyer if you are purchasing the firearm for yourself or otherwise acquiring the firearm for yourself (e.g., redeeming the firearm from pawn/retrieving it from consignment, firearm raffle winner). You are also the actual transferee/buyer if you are legitimately purchasing the firearm as a gift for a third party.