No Such Thing As Hunting Off-Season

No Such Thing As Hunting Off-Season

Story and photography by Bill L. Olson

I am forever amazed to hear about an “off-season” when it comes to hunting, and particularly hunting in Texas.  In my book there are too many facets to hunting for there to be a downtime.  You are either preparing for a hunt, improving hunting skills, becoming familiar or more familiar with hunting equipment, or you are hunting.

Even in this hectic world we live, there is time to hone one’s skills in advance of the next adventure.  Plus there is the creativity that is exciting about doing something different.  Getting out of the rut of going to the same hunting blind, sitting over the same feeder and waiting for something to happen provides little room for skill-set improvement.

Now patience certainly is a virtue when it comes to hunting.  The biggest challenge most have is slowing down from our daily whirlwind pace to become more in tune with nature.  In wild places, while in pursuit of wild things, there are no clocks or even calendars except to remain legal as it relates to hunting regulations.

Variety brings other options in to play.  No we can’t hunt whitetail deer 365 days out of the year but we can hunt free-range exotics — and even at night.  Plus there are plenty of wild hogs that need to be taken that creates additional opportunities to be afield.

For those that like to call critters in close there is more than enticing a spring gobbler or bull elk to come in close.  Predator hunting affords the opportunity to lure in coyotes, gray fox and bobcats to electronic and mouth blown sounds.  If a goobler gobbling or a bull elk vocally responding to a call gets you excited, then experience a coyote howling or a gray fox barking in response to enticing sounds will too.

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