Editor's Insight

Editor’s Insight

September — Optimistic Transition

Each year it happens. Many stumble out of the oppressive heat of summer and long for the cooler days of fall. Much like a physical workout that saps the body of much of its strength, hunters and anglers wipe the sweat from their brow and know better days are just ahead.
Even in years when Texas temperatures are not as stifling, it is still down right hot. Those living closer to the coast benefit from the prevailing onshore breeze from the Gulf for a bit of relief. However, those that reside further inland may enjoy a little less humidity but deal with temperatures that soar even higher.
Each year on the first day of September the outdoor fraternity collectively rejoices. We have made it through summer and some of the best weather of the year, combined with increasing hunting opportunities and improving fishing are our temptations.
We know that fall does not officially arrive until September 23 but we have arrived at the threshold of the month of change — it’s close enough. Even when sweat rolls down our forehead and drips off the end of our nose while sitting under the shade of some tree or bush waiting for the next dove to fly by, it provides the mental satisfaction we have been anticipating.
Take that same scenario to an inland lake or coastal cove and the exhilaration of fall’s arrival on the water is similar. We know a transition is underway and regardless of the results for that day on the water, optimism encourages our return as conditions are only going to get better.
The fish we pursue also react to the seasonal change. On the coast redfish have begun to school and migrate toward coastal passes. On our lakes bass and other gamefish begin to ascend from the deeper depths they have weathered summer.
The outdoors has long been a huge sanctuary that surrounds us with God’s presence. There is no denying all that has been bestowed on each of us and particularly of His outdoor creations.
It is an anticipated time to share special moments with friends and family. Like-minded hunters and anglers revel in the camaraderie when outdoor times are shared. It is when our sometimes, typically solitary experiences are enhanced by being surrounded with concurring peers. Each brings a different personality, experience and need to the outdoor party.
This is certainly the time when the next generation is cultivated and nurtured. When youngsters are exposed to the boundless opportunities of the outdoors, pent up anticipation swells for the day when they too will be welcomed as a part.
Actually becoming a part is a progression that is similar to the maturation hunters and anglers experience throughout their career. The participation may start out small, but grows over time. It builds as knowledge is gained through participation and inclusion.
Even for those whose children may have left the nest, there are plenty of opportunities for the couple that began as duo to once again share outdoor moments together. Sometimes it may be as rowdy as youthful days long past or as satisfyingly sedate by simply being in each other’s company.
The outdoor world has a way of opening up, rekindling and nourishing lines of communication. When shared it not only further grounds each individual but it also enhances our relationships.
September has finally arrived and optimism is running high while the transition continues. Each passing day provides another to explore, learn and share more of the outdoor world we love.
Until next month: Pursue all of your outdoor activities in a safe and ethical manner.