“Get ‘em Guys”

“Get ‘em Guys”

Over dry land cut maize fields in North Texas hunters are covered up with thousands of decoying birds for a comfortable in your lap shoot.

Story and photography by Nate Skinner

“Get ‘em guys!”  The order rendered immediate responses from quick drawing hunters, as the guides simultaneously sounded the assault.  Rising from beneath camouflage blankets littered with shredded maize stubble, the Canada geese seemed to have landed on the end of our shotguns.  It was as if the meeting between steel shot and waterfowl had been orchestrated earlier that morning over a predawn cup of coffee.

The term “in your lap” became reality as multiple birds fell with each volley.  Gun barrels glowed red in the amber morning light as wave after wave of geese poured into the spread.

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