Great Lures for Trout & Reds

Put a small box of these lures together and you are ready to catch fish anywhere, anytime, along the entire Texas coast.

Story and photography by Robert Sloan

There are a gazillion lures that have been designed to catch trout and reds along the Texas Gulf coast. And it’s been said that a large percentage of those artificial baits are made to catch fishermen not fish. That might be true, but it’s a sure thing that many of the lures on tackle store shelves are the real deal. The ones I’m talking about are proven fish catching machines. Some lures come and go, but others have made it to the Hall of Fame over the past couple of decades.

One of the very best and most well-known is the Heddon Super Spook – one of, if not the best selling topwater lure of all time. Another is Paul Brown’s Corky. When it comes to a slow-sinking mullet-imitation plug the Corky rules.

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