Take A Rest

Take A Rest

Story and photography by Bill L. Olson

Preseason practice at the gun range is designed to simulate field conditions when hunting.  They why do hunters change the way they have practiced when they head to the field or hunting blind?

At the range a rifle and loads accuracy are confirmed.  Most every time a shot is sent down range during a practice session rests are used to assure a firm stable, consistent platform.  A routine is developed to acquiring a good, clear, focused sight picture, breath control and squeeze of the trigger.

When it comes time to hunt, many times very little other than the shooter and rifle remain the same.  The shooting rest is different or none existent.

In recent years more and more hunters are relying on some type of rest from which a shot will be taken.  The variety of rests available on the market are many, but a growing number of hunters are relying on shooting sticks as another constant ingredient to their in-field-tools.  Shooting sticks have become more apparent at private and public ranges where shooters can further simulate shooting scenarios.

Then whether stalking game animals or hunting from some form of portable or permanent blind, the shooting platform from which a shot is taken is familiar.  It is what was used at the range.

Veteran hunter William “Junior” Walker takes it a step further with a lightweight portable hunting stool that fits him.  It’s comfortable and the right height.  It’s not a discarded office or folding chair.  It fits his stature.  In fact I am looking for a similar version of what may be discontinued model.

In a box blind, think of how comfortable those big easy chairs sit while waiting for muy grande to walk out into a sendero.  However, when it comes time to take a shot, has the chair height been adjusted to your height, or is it still set at a higher or lower setting for the last hunter?  Or are you having to take a shot from a crouched uncomfortable position because the window opening, chair and rest do not match up?

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