2020 Texas’ Statewide Hunting Forecast

2020 Texas’ Statewide Hunting Forecast

TOJ’s Annual Forecast of Whitetail, Mule Deer, Pronghorn, Quail and other Game Animals along with the latest from-the-field information.

Story by Bill L. Olson
Photography by John Frankson

Why should the 2020 annual hunt forecast contain fewer variables that other events from this year?  Do we or don’t we when it comes to COVID-19 plus the reversal of positions from the scientific experts as they “feel their way through the learning curve about this new disease.

Maybe a better comparison is the attempt to predict where a topical weather system might track, where it will make landfall or if is going to strengthen only to then simply disappear.  Any good Texan knows when it comes to weather, “if you don’t like it just wait, it will surely change.”

Factor in the immense size of the Lone Star State, geographic diversity of Texas Parks and Wildlife Department’s eight wildlife districts, plus yet unseen weather fluctuations and it adds to elements of the hunt challenge we so dearly love. It is what is anticipated all year.

One thing is for certain, hunting seasons are finally upon us.  Now we look at what has happened, blended with pre-season scouting, further modified by in-season adjustments to make our best decision as to how to outsmart game animals that make a living in the wild every day.

To start, is information gleaned from all eight TPWD District Leaders based on field notes and reports compiled by their biologists. 

REGION 1, DISTRICT 1, Trans-Pecos (West Texas) District Leader Mike Janis reported from his Alpine office that, “Most of the Trans-Pecos received good winter moisture which set the stage for a good spring. 

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