Deer Hunting Prep Starts Now

Deer Hunting Prep Starts Now

Consider these tips on rangeland preparation to hunter practice in advance of whitetail season.

Story and photography by Bob Zaiglin

For serious deer hunting sportsmen, not a month goes by without a visit to their favorite piece of deer turf and June is no exception.  One of the most popular if not rewarding activities enjoyed by sportsmen in June is the opportunity to locate shed antlers missed on earlier excursions. 

Although most antlers are jettisoned in early spring, a few bucks retain their antlers into May.  Antler casting is actually dependent on the nutritional status of the animal and those on a high nutritional plane often times retain their antlers a little longer.

So if the antlers of a particular buck have not been located, don’t give up as they could show up in June.  But even if they aren’t located, excursions around the various water holes, deer trails and fence lines are productive even in the early summer months.  Time in the field is an educational experience as one acquires pertinent information about where deer spend most of their time, enabling sportsmen to make better decisions when it comes to things like positioning new or repositioning old deer blinds and tree stands.

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