Potential Unknown Consequences of CWD

Potential Unknown Consequences of CWD

Questions relating to the real impact on infected ranches have not yet been addressed.

Story and Photography by Bill L. Olson

While wildlife biologist wrestle with ways to check or at least slow the spread of Chronic Wasting Disease there are other questions relating to restrictions on ranches infected with the disease that have not yet been addressed.  As a real estate broker for 40 years I have raised questions about CWD’s potential impact on real estate values, and property restrictions or its usage for the past three years.  The questions have been raised to title companies, rural/agricultural lenders, real estate education professionals and Texas Parks and Wildlife officials.

Each time the questions have been raised the responses have been non-specific at best, or without knowledge of the concern and potential problem particularly within the real estate community.  On most occasions the response has been, “I never thought of that.”

Some instances where real estate usage may be restricted or prohibited have not been addressed as it relates to any attachment to the title of the property.  Certainly once this issue is addressed will determine the impact CWD may have on real estate values of infected properties.

Specific information on CWD in Texas is available on TPWD’s Home page.  In the middle of the page under Hot Topics click on the link to Chronic Wasting Disease.  In the middle of that page is a link to CWD Positives in Texas that provides a chronological history of the disease for both free ranging animals as well as those at deer breeding facilities or high fenced game ranches (a.k.a. Release Sites).

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