Time of Extremes

Time of Extremes

In a transition month anglers have to do things different from day to day in order to be consistently successful.

By Danno Wise


March is a transition month. It is a simple fact that as winter fades to spring, fishing patterns, weather and water conditions begin to change.Often times in March, these changers are very dramatic, but then occasionally there can be periods that are surprisingly subtle. It really the third month of the year is a month with lots of extremes. So, while anglers are accustomed to change during the seasonal transitions, it is not so much that things vary that sets March apart but how wildly they vary.


The weather in March can vacillate from winter to nearly summer-like temperatures. Winds can vary from dead calm to gusty, gale-force breezes.There are times in March when anglers can end up fishing as if the fish are still in a winter pattern. For the most part, this means a finesse-fishing pattern — slow and methodical, just the same as winter. To be effective, fishermen must find a spot where fish are likely to be holding and wear it out with repeated casts. As is the case in winter, areas holding fish will likely be holding substantial concentrations of them, so catching good numbers are a very real possibility.


There are days in March when the air temperature can rival summer. However, the water won’t get quite warm enough this month to trigger summer fishing patterns. But, it will be warm enough to allow fish to get further up on the flats if there is a period of extended warm weather. This means anglers can work baits more quickly, utilizing power fishing tactics while covering lots of water.

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